Boy Meets Girl Overture Fred Weber

Grade 1
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Instrumentation: Conductor; 2-C Flutes; 1-Db Piccolo; 1-Eb Clarinet; 5-1st and 2nd Bb Clarinets; 3-3rd Bb Clarinets; 1-Eb Alto Clarinet; 1-Bb Bass Clarinet; 1-Oboe; 1-Bassoon; 2-Eb Alto Saxophones; 1-Bb Tenor Saxophone; 1-Eb Baritone Saxophone; 5-1st and 2nd Bb Cornets; 3-3rd Bb Cornets; 1-1st Eb Alto; 1-2nd Eb Alto; 1-3rd Eb Alto; 1-1st F Horn; 1-2nd F Horns; 1-3rd F Horn; 2-1st Trombones; 2-2nd Trombones; 1-Baritone TC; 1-Baritone BC; 3-Tubas; 3-Drums and Bells

Missing: 1-Db Piccolo

Extra: 1-Baritone BC